Top tips for successful fundraising calendars

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To help you raise as much money as possible, here are our top tips
for successful fundraising calendars

Whether you are raising money for a charity, your school, your sports club or whatever organisation you support, when someone buys your calendar and puts it on their wall they will have your organisation’s logo, website address and sponsor’s logo on view to all for at least 12 months of the year. If you are going to use calendars as a means of fundraising, some of these points may be helpful.

Timing is important. Few people (unless you are producing a calendar starting in September) are going to buy your calendar in the middle of the year. So plan to have your fundraiser calendars on sale from November to the midway or end of January! And remember that Calendars make great Christmas gifts!

Make them as good as you can. This is where we can help. Using one of our templates or by utilising the design skills in our studio, your calendars will just look so much more professional… And because of that you will sell many more of them!

Make the content relevant. You will need to decide on the theme of your calendar… and also find the appropriate photos to go with it! There are so many options to decide from for your theme it’s quite remarkable! Be creative with it and decide on what would be the best seller with your target customers! Some themes could be: School sports photos. The best art and drawings! (By your students) Photos of the previous year’s fundraising events. Class photos. Local wildlife or monuments. Or if you’re brave what about a nude calendar, like from the film Calendar Girls! Finding or taking the photos for your calendar shouldn’t be too hard either, but just make sure they are of decent quality… The better the quality the higher the sales!
We have various themed templates at both A4 and A3 for most sports. Get in touch and we’ll send you a pdf of a calendar relevant to you.

Get sponsors/advertisers.  You should start by approaching/contacting local companies and businesses. Start within your circle of supporters and then work your way out to other businesses. Decide on where you will place your adverts in the calendars and the prices for the different advertising spaces. Make sure you don’t make your calendar too congested with adverts though. The calendar must still be appealing to look at…If the calendars aren’t appealing (because of too many adverts) you won’t sell as many as you could.

Sell, sell, sell. With other printers you might need to think carefully about how many calendars you may sell and then order accordingly. With our service, you can pre-sell your calendars and just order what you sell. Obviously if your sales go really well you can always re-order. Promote… Use your website, your newsletters, social media pages, flyers, posters, word of mouth, newsgroups and any other method you can think of to promote the calendars. And don’t forget, if you sell well this year, you’ll sell well next year – everyone needs at least one calendar!