It’s time to think about fundraising…

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When I was a member of the Junior Committee at Whitchurch Rugby Club, the issue of fund raising was on the agenda at nearly all our monthly meetings. How could we raise serious money, fairly easily and fairly quickly.

It dawned on me that, as a director of a printing firm, an easy thing to do would be to create a calendar for each age group in our Mini and Junior Section. Parents were sure to purchase a calendar that included at least one picture of their cherub playing rugby and all profits would come back to the club.

And how right I was. At Christmas 2013, we sold over 150 calendars and raised in excess of £750 for the Mini and Junior Section.

So successful has it been that we’ve decided to roll the concept out to enable any organisation to raise significant funds with the minimal amount of effort.

By keeping calendar creation online and giving you the ability to choose and upload the pictures, you can create calendars specifically for your team, class or age group.

What’s not lo like? And as there is no upfront charge whatsoever, there is absolutely no financial risk to your or your team.

The key to our service is customization and affinity. Within a specific organisation, we are able to create very specific calendars that represent each groups own character. For example, within a typical rugby club’s mini and junior section, instead of club calendars that may not appeal to everyone, we are able to create individual calendars for each age group. So instead of trying to sell 200 calendars of the exact same design, you can sell 10 different designs of 20 each. Our service is fully online making it easy to create a calendar that represents your vision.

If you’d like to know how your club, team or school could join in, contact us on 01782 525500 or email