How To Use Our Service

1. Pick a template

Do you require desk or wall calendars? What size would you like? How many pictures per page?

All of these questions need to be taken into consideration when choosing your template. Once you have decided which template to use, email us and we will create a password protected web portal solely for your project. The template you have chosen will the be available for you to upload images, text, etc.

2. Upload your pictures

Experience has taught us that some photographic devices create quite large files. We recommend that the files you upload are no larger than 9mb each. Our system can cope with larger files and once uploaded it will save a file optimised to the size required. Uploading very large images will simply take longer. If you have a fairly slow internet connection it could appear to take a lifetime!

Once uploaded, you can then add or change text on the template to give your calendar a more personal touch. Once you’re satisfied, you can download a proof and email the it to all interested parties for final approval.

3. Take your orders and collect your money

At this stage you can collect your orders and payment. Once you have collected all of the monies, go back to your on line account and place your order. We’ll issue an invoice for payment and, once paid, we’ll print and deliver the calendars back to you for you to distribute. You don’t pay us a penny until you have collected all sales and sponsorship monies .



And the catch is…There isn’t one! All we are doing is replicating a formula we know works. And by doing it all online, it’s even easier.