how much could you make?

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Anyone involved in fundraising is looking to make as much cash as possible for the least amount of work – this is a basic truism of life.

How many cheese and wine evenings will you need to hold to make a few hundred pounds? Quite a few I suspect (though the social spin off could be more rewarding).

How much could you make with our calendar idea?

Let’s say your club has 10 age group teams with 20 players per team – a total of 200 players.

Each players’ parents or grandparents buy a calendar so that’s 200 calendars sold – the club makes £6 profit per calendar.

You also manage to sell sponsorship on every page of each age group’s calendar at £30 per advert.

On these very conservative estimates, you could raise £4800!

That’s a whole load of new kit paid for with minimal effort and no risk – what’s not to like?

Visit www.fundraising-calendars to find out more.