Some calendars I’ve seen have been of poor quality –
how good are yours?

We’ve designed this service from the point of view of printers. We use good quality 200gsm paper and print on the most modern of digital presses.

The templates are designed to be attractive and functional. The pictures you use will obviously affect the final print. If the originals are of high quality the print will be too.


What picture file format should I use?

High quality jpegs give the best results. If the resolution of your pictures is not high enough, you will be given a warning when you upload them to your template. You will be given the choice whether to proceed or not.


What’s the initial set-up charge?

Nothing whatsoever. You don’t pay us a penny until you have collected all monies from sponsorship and sales.


How much could we raise?

Generally, the minimum profit per calendar is £5. However, given the quality of the calendars, I can’t see why they can’t be sold for £15 each.

What you charge for sponsorship is, again, up to you. I would have thought £30-50 per page sponsored is easily achievable.

If you manage to get each page sponsored for £50 and sell a total of 200 calendars at £12 each, your profit will be £1,680 (allowing for VAT at 20% on our invoice).


Can we do anything apart from uploading our pictures ?

We can make your template infinitely variable when we create it. You could add birthdays, fixtures or anything else really. Simply contact us and we can talk you through what can be done and we’ll make sure your template suits your needs.